Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Project #3 (5 and 6)

I am finished this project
I made these a while back

I made quilts a while back for an adorable pair of twin girls
and then afterward decided I needed
to make smaller versions of the quilts
for the girls and their dollies

just the perfect size for cuddling with a dolly

One for Scarlett

and one for Royal

I modified the Weekender quilt pattern that I used for the girls quilts
and they match

I know their mom is probably wish I hadn't used
white fabric

I hope the girls like them!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Project #2

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It is already almost the middle of December
no presents are wrapped
shopping is not finished
baking is no where near done
the weather, well it is not cooperating
but I have been sewing
back again this week with another Work in Progress 
Christmas Project to share

This one is for a special little girl

I stopped in at a small town quilt shop while travelling this summer,
They had THE cutest quilt up on display

I know my kids were too old for this fabric,
but the quilt stayed in my mind

A few weeks ago
I asked a special little girl what she would like for Christmas
her answer...

She would like a quilt

My mind went right to this fabric and pattern!!

It is so cute!

Happy Wednesday
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Project #1 (7)

Homemade gifts!!
They are the greatest,
have the most meaning!

I am making a few Christmas gift projects again this year

It is called "Double Chocolate" by 3 Sisters for Moda,
it is the nicest deepest colors!

Thanks for stopping by
Check back to see what this 
turns into!!

Happy Monday

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Music Share

I think it is safe to start playing Christmas music, 
I know this because even the radios station are playing it!

I am still sewing, got a few projects started, 
got some finished even!

Need to get taking some pictures!

I am sitting here now, 
typing on a new computer, 
Sadly my laptop died

So Merry Christmas to me
a New MacBook Pro
Much to be learned from a PC

But that is ok, I hurt my back the other day
so I have time to sit and learn it

Enjoy Justin Beiber,
This is the only song of his I like!!

Happy Tuesday
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am still around
November has turned into a very busy month around here,
a weekend away in Minot,
a weekend away to Crop and Create
a weekend to a trade show with my Scentsy
through in 2 family birhdays
and 2 friend birthdays!!
corral building during the weeks
busy, busy, busy!!
I usually start my day with a coffee
a brief stop to my facebook
then a stop in with Pinterest
Love Pinterest
this morning I found
She had a link to this song
I found it amazing
I seem to have soft spot in my heart for a piano
and the string instruments
No I don't play any instrument
at times I wish I did
I thought I would share with you
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

Monday, October 29, 2012

Cody's Quilt 4

I have finished another easy quilt
mind you not by the deadline
set for me by the recipient!!
I made all my children quilts years ago,
when they all had smaller beds,
they have since all grown to bigger beds
see my dilemma!!
Cody was the first to ask for a new quilt
He picked the same colors as his bedroom
which he had picked those colors from his first quilt
I used a super easy pattern
I found on Pinterest
It is a brick pattern from Moda Bake Shop

It was a beast of a thing to quilt
I used  micro fibre blanket for the backing, as well as a layer of batting,
so he should be nice and warm

Next project, nice little doll sized quilts

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Monday

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I packed up my sewing machine one day this week
so I could make cards.
I needed a few made, still need a few more
but at least I got started.
I made this first one as an anniversary card
yes, I even made the envelope too
cool huh?

and a sympathy card
I will be back later this week to share my sons quilt with you
Thanks for stopping by
Happy Saturday

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Twin Quilts 2 and 3

Beautiful twin quilts
beautiful twin girls
I LOVE this Fabric!!
Vintage Modern for Moda
By Bonnie and Camille
I first seen it when I came across the
Camille half of the partners blog
This woman has the BEST sewing room EVER!!!!!
I tweaked the
Weekender pattern, that I used in my OLIVE quilt
I wanted to make it for a twin sized bed
I added a row with the girls names,
and 2 more rows of patches to make them longer

Cute right??

I just loved them

(it was a cloudy rainy day when I finished Scarlett's,
 so I was unable to photograph outdoors)
I hope the girls love them as much as I did
I am glad I have lots of fabric left to make myself
a Vintage Modern quilt too!!

I wanted to share with you, a picture of the girls enjoying their cozy quilts

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Thursday

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Monday, October 15, 2012


I made myself a set of fall place mats
and a table runner,
while it was still summer.
Not long ago, when the kids started school
my youngest says, "since we are in school
that means it is fall, time to switch to the fall stuff"
I used a basket weave pattern
that I found on Pinterest
it is from a pattern at the Moda Bake Shop
The pattern was used for a rug, but I wanted to make a table runner

The pattern calls for jelly rolls strip which are 2.5 inches to be folded in half,
I folded them for the table runner,
but decided I liked them better at their full width for the place mats

The one above is my favorite

Again like my summer set, none are the same
Sorry for the poor color and lighting, we had cloudy weather the day these were taken
Sorry that they are dirty, I had thought they were straight out of the wash, guess not
Happy Monday
Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am not lost.....

I am still here
slight pause for harvest
Combining is all wrapped up for another year
Started August 20 and finished September 20
I am back to playing with fabric again
LOVE the colors in these fabrics
LOVE how they go together so well
Just a sneak peak for now
I will post the finished project in a few days
Happy Sunday

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School 2012

Another summer has came and went
School supplies were bought
Another school year has started

Josh is in grade 5 this year
Cody is grade 9!!!

and Stephanie is grade 11!!

Time sure flies!!
Happy Friday

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I wonder

I wonder what will become of this wonderful fabric??

  Maybe another gift quilt??

maybe a quilt for my bed??
Happy Thursday

Monday, August 27, 2012

Olive 1

I finished it
I finished my quilt
I was really unsure about the colors to begin with,
But really like it now
I used an Olive green for the sashing
which is where she gets her name from
The Fabric was a charm pack
Beach House by Moda
as I said in my last post
I used a free pattern I found on Pinterest
I also got my hands on some old kitchen chairs
Love them too
Great for photographs

nice chair huh??

not a bad quilt either

I used flannel for the backing, the flowers are very close to the front colors

Quilted it in a simple rectangle pattern
used the backing fabric for the binding

I Like it

Now just to decide where she gets to live

Happy Monday


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