Monday, October 15, 2012


I made myself a set of fall place mats
and a table runner,
while it was still summer.
Not long ago, when the kids started school
my youngest says, "since we are in school
that means it is fall, time to switch to the fall stuff"
I used a basket weave pattern
that I found on Pinterest
it is from a pattern at the Moda Bake Shop
The pattern was used for a rug, but I wanted to make a table runner

The pattern calls for jelly rolls strip which are 2.5 inches to be folded in half,
I folded them for the table runner,
but decided I liked them better at their full width for the place mats

The one above is my favorite

Again like my summer set, none are the same
Sorry for the poor color and lighting, we had cloudy weather the day these were taken
Sorry that they are dirty, I had thought they were straight out of the wash, guess not
Happy Monday
Thanks for stopping by

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Love them Connie, I need you to come over and get me motivated on my quilt.


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