Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Project #3 (5 and 6)

I am finished this project
I made these a while back

I made quilts a while back for an adorable pair of twin girls
and then afterward decided I needed
to make smaller versions of the quilts
for the girls and their dollies

just the perfect size for cuddling with a dolly

One for Scarlett

and one for Royal

I modified the Weekender quilt pattern that I used for the girls quilts
and they match

I know their mom is probably wish I hadn't used
white fabric

I hope the girls like them!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

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Jeni B Quilts said...

AWWW, how cute! I love simple and modern piecing. Great finish!

Quilter's Diary said...

This post gives me fond memories of my mother, who made matching clothes for my sister and me and for our dolls. You are making precious memories for those children.


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