Tuesday, January 29, 2013


as I sit here right now
in front of the window in my sewing/craft room
it is cold

I mean COLD!!

we are under an Extreme Windchill Warning right now, 
that is supposed to last until some time on Thursday

Temps are sitting at about -29 Celsius with the wind blowing
which makes it feel like -38

I hate winter


good thing I have stuff to do inside my nice warm house
sewing, crafting, cooking, cleaning, sewing

I have a few projects I am working on

Got lots up in the brain,
ever since I finished my daughters quilt last week
I have been tossing a few ideas around
ideas on a few projects

But have not put needle to fabric

I got a great gift for Christmas, a build your own quilt, of sorts
fabric, batting and backing to make myself a quilt
problem was the fabric really wasn't my style
luckily I was able to exchange it for some I liked better.

The colors above is what I have picked out
the pattern...
I am really liking the granny square quilts these days
I think that is what this will turn into

Now if you remember I told you I got a 
Silhouette Cameo machine for Christmas as well

The main reason I wanted the machine was to cut fabric
to make appliqués 

This was my first attempt

not bad huh??
I still need to add the batting and backing and get it quilted, 
I like it!

I have been seeing lots and lots of hearts these day
I guess because Valentines day is the next holiday of sorts

I had plans to make a heart wall hanging
but after laying it out, 
I decided it was going to be too big for a wall hanging
but would make a nice quilt
So that is what it is going to be

so now all I have to do is actually start sewing some of these projects

Happy Tuesday
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday (9)

My Beautiful daughter turned 17 yesterday
where has the time gone
She is supposed to still be about 3
wearing cute little dresses and piggy tails

Now she is 17
the list goes one
I am so proud of her

I made her a quilt for her birthday

I found a pattern from Bonnie Olafson

it was called Scrumptious

I used some fabric that I had in my stash
Pink and grey
the same colors in her bedroom

I have been quite taken with the chevron patterns lately
Love them

I think I will make more chevrons in the future 

I just love the look and feel of a new quilt fresh out of the laundry
all wrinkly and gathered, just makes me want to curl up with them.

This pattern calls for sewing the print fabric to be sewn on top of the basic fabric
so you end up with scruffy edges once you wash it.

Love the comfy look and feel of this.

I had every intention of just showing a few more unfinished photos
of the quilt, but seeing as it was her birthday I had to get it done!!

On a side note
I have a very talented friend who makes and decorates cakes
earlier this month was my birthday

this is my cake

and this is my daughters cake
the cupcake on top was an actual cake all its own

I picked up these cute little packs
2.5 x 2.5
I was unsure what I was going to do with them, 
then while spending time on Pinterest the other night
I see a granny square quilt, which need 2.5 squares
I think I found my next project

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Happy Wednesday!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

twin nap beds

another Pinterest project

all to often I think people are pinning like crazy on Pinterest,
and then never making the projects

me on the other hand, I AM!!!

My favorite little set of twins 
were the recipient of another project

I found a pattern for nap bed

I used polar fleece rather than minky fabric

The first day,
the girls had way more fun jumping around on the mats,
 rather than sleeping on them.

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Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Owls for Felix (8)

Long time no talk

Been busy around the farm

Christmas came and went,
busy this year, lots of traveling in a short time
Lots to eat, lots to drink, lots of gifts!!

Followed by a weekend working with the cows

Followed by a week of moving a shed,
 from one location on the farm to a new location

Add in a birthday too

Some cold ugly winter weather

I am working on a few projects.

I received a Silhouette Cameo
for Christmas

Ideas going around and around in my head
wanting to use it to cut out some appliqués 
Did start one project with the help of my new toy 

started another project too
a quilt for my daughter

the colors of her room, pink and grey!

I will show you a project that I made as a Christmas gift
Owls for Felix
I made quilt for her twin sisters
and then when I asked her what she would like for a Christmas gift,
she replied "I would love it if you made me a quilt too"

So I did!

this one was just the right cuddle size not a bed size.
She loved it!!

I will try to get better at keeping up with posts
busy few days coming up here
never a dull moment at the farm!!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Sunday

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