Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday (9)

My Beautiful daughter turned 17 yesterday
where has the time gone
She is supposed to still be about 3
wearing cute little dresses and piggy tails

Now she is 17
the list goes one
I am so proud of her

I made her a quilt for her birthday

I found a pattern from Bonnie Olafson

it was called Scrumptious

I used some fabric that I had in my stash
Pink and grey
the same colors in her bedroom

I have been quite taken with the chevron patterns lately
Love them

I think I will make more chevrons in the future 

I just love the look and feel of a new quilt fresh out of the laundry
all wrinkly and gathered, just makes me want to curl up with them.

This pattern calls for sewing the print fabric to be sewn on top of the basic fabric
so you end up with scruffy edges once you wash it.

Love the comfy look and feel of this.

I had every intention of just showing a few more unfinished photos
of the quilt, but seeing as it was her birthday I had to get it done!!

On a side note
I have a very talented friend who makes and decorates cakes
earlier this month was my birthday

this is my cake

and this is my daughters cake
the cupcake on top was an actual cake all its own

I picked up these cute little packs
2.5 x 2.5
I was unsure what I was going to do with them, 
then while spending time on Pinterest the other night
I see a granny square quilt, which need 2.5 squares
I think I found my next project

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Fresh Poppy Design

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday!!


Leslie said...

oh WOW! I love your quilt! sooo soft looking and the perfect gift for your sweet daughter! my son just turned 19, oh how I wish he was little again!

those cakes look DELICIOUS!!! your friend is super talented!!!

and I love those little charm packs, I have one marmalade one, not sure what to do with one....maybe mix in with squares of white? got to think on that!

thank you for sharing!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful quilt and Happy Birthday to your daughter:)

Allison said...

such a pretty quilt :) and those are some amazing cakes!

nerospost said...

Hi! Your quilts are beautiful! Happy belated birthday! January is my month, too. Your friend has makes amazing cakes and I love your quilting cake!
x Teje


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