Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maybe I will get a quilt...

I have made 6 quilts in the last 6 months
and none of them are for me

I am very happy to make a quilt and have it go to a special home
but I would like one myself 

I was given all the fabric and batting
I would need to make a quilt

I found a pattern I would like to try

I also would like to try a regular small Granny Square too...

This one is super easy
1 charm pack
1 layers cake
I am using Martenique by 3 Sisters for Moda
what ever neutral fabric you want to use.

You go threw your charm and layer cake and pair up your pieces
I let my daughter do this part, she did a great job!

here are a few finished blocks

I still have many more blocks to go
but at least I have started!!

Then I remembered 
I had been asked by a certain brother
(his sisters have all been recipients of my quilts)
for a quilt of his own, and his birthday is about a month away

So my quilt will get put on the back burner while I do his.

I did get my wall hanging heart finished
All quilted and bound
and hung up on the wall!!

I came across some pink fabric in my stash that worked perfect for the binding

See, I need my own quilt, the plain white Duvet on the bed is way too boring!

and in other news on the farm

We have officially started the 2013 calving season!!

we had 3 sets of twins born in one day!!
(not sure how much sewing I will get to, bottle feeding babies and cleaning out the barn comes first)

They are so cute and playful!!

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Happy Tuesday
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You have my Heart

* warning sappy*

I love my husband
(I know, I know we all do)

but I mean I really love him
I am still falling in love with him after 13 years together
My heart still flutters when he comes in the house at the end of the day
I love spending day with him, even if it is just to buy groceries
I still watch him work and thing 
"wow, I am so lucky"
"he is mine"

this was taken in 2009
My favorite photo of us!!

this was taken in 2011
and is his favourite photo of us

and way
on with this weeks post

I have been making all kinds of wonderful quilts
for lots of special people

but not for my self!!

I could not find a fabric I like
(well that is a lie, I like lots of fabric)
but none that would go with our bedroom
I was painted a deep purple

So to fix that problem
I painted it

a nice warm cozy cream colour
great idea I know
then it will go with any fabric, and I can switch the quilts out

 man did that change the room
made it SO much bigger

but also so much ....
in need of some colour

So I whipped up a wall hanging

have you ever made a project that put tears in your eyes
When I was sewing this one together
I was having a tough time

We all know each project become our favourite
each new quilt becomes the best....
until the next come along

but this one was just different
it was for us

my hubby and I

 I need to get it quilted and put the binding on
I think I will use a curtain rod to hang it
Like you see in lots of pictures on Pinterest

Then I will get started on a quilt
add some more color to the room

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

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