Friday, April 19, 2013

The Good and the Bad

My youngest son was born with kidney issues
They never bothered him though

Until last December
He stated having pains in the kidney region
We went to the hospital, they did X-Rays
and Ultrasounds, found nothing
No source of the pain

HE had these attacks of pain a few times,
So I took him to our family Doctor,
who sent him to the provincial specialist.

Out appointment with the specialist was this last week
He sent him for a Renal Scan

Poor guy had to lay still for 30 minutes, 
then got to go for a little walk, 
then lay for another 30 minutes.

The results are
The small tube coming from his kidney to his bladder
is pinched in a small area,
Which we knew from when he was a baby.
This area has started causing the kidney to not be able to empty
which is the pain.

The good news is
It can be fixed!!

The bad news is
It will take surgery to fix it
He is not too happy about that,
but glad that we have an answer to what is causing the pain.


On the quilting side of my life
I got my Great Grannies all joined together
I added a 2 inch border all around each square

Looks good doesn't it??

Just need to 
baste and quilt it now!!

Happy Friday
Thanks for stopping by

1 comment:


Beautiful quilt, a granny quilt is on my list, I love the heart wall hanging in the background, is that a pattern? Glad your sons problem can be fixed.


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