Thursday, June 6, 2013

trees, trees and more trees!!

We built a house on the farm a few years ago,
we did not build in the yard that was here.

We went across the road
and started our own yard

Which means we are in the middle of no where
in a field

with no trees!

Which mean nothing to stop any wind
30km, 40km 70km wind
blows right through

Most of our deck furniture has blown off the deck
we have even had to replace the BBQ!

We started out with a row of Lilacs
450 of them

This is how big they are
I sure hope they survive and grow!!

next is a row of Laurel Willows
160 of these ones

We used the post hole digger to dig the holes

I can't wait for them to get a few leaves
so you can actually see the trees

After the willows, to the inside of the yard
is 2 rows of Colorado Blue Spruce

133 of them

They are not too small,
again I hop they all make it

Everybody on deck to help

A few sun burns and some very sore legs
(743 is not the number to start doing squats at)    
the job is complete. Now just to keep the weeds away
and keep them watered.  

Happy Thursday
Thanks for stopping by


Dawn said...

Wow that's a lot of planting. I did the same thing several years ago with pine trees. I planted 250 and 2 years later one of my employees didn't know they were ther and mowed them all down:(.

Dell said...

Good luck on the trees. I am sure when they grow up your farm will be beautiful and fragrant. You are so lucky to live on a farm!


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