Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Quilt for Josh (14)

If you are a regular here
You know my youngest has had some health issues

Well he is all fixed up now

This is my poor guy right after surgery in the recovery room

Back when we found he would need surgery,
He asked mommy to make him a quilt
Cause "a mommy quilt will help me get better"

I just used a simple 9 patch pattern
my squares are 5 inches and the finished quilt is queen sized for his bed

The fabric is all flannels,
both the plaids and the solids
and the backing is a nice fleece

He was sure happy to come home from the hospital
to his quilt

He is doing great, getting better every day

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Tuesday

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Dawn said...

AW connie how sweet of you to make him a get better quilt. I need to do a new one for my son for Christmas and he is a flannel boy too. Hope your son is feeling better:)

Kathleen said...

So glad he's doing well and hope that snuggly blanket (love it!) is keeping him comfy.


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