Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Work in Progress - Impromtu

I am still working on my 
from the quilt along

It moved off of my to-do quilt rack
and onto my dining room table
(that is where I do my quilting if the quilt is bigger than lap sized)

I wanted to so straight line quilting
I know most of the quilts I quilt myself are straight lined,
and usually they are done with a 1/4 inch from a seam line,
But I wanted to do lines across the whole thing.

Funny story
I decided I wanted straight lines, and of course 
they would have to be the same distance apart.
I didn't want to use painters tape on a quilt this big, 
nor did I want to draw out that many lines
If only I had an attachment for my machine
But surely my hubby could rig something up for me
I asked him for some help,
Only to be told
"I can;t make something like that"
"just go get the part you need"
well we live in Rural Saskatchewan,
not to many Pfaff dealers on each street corner.

Last resort, check what the box of goodies that came with my machine has in it
Imagine my surprise when I found a seam guide!!

worked like a charm, 
all my lines are 1.5 inch apart
and yes, that is a lotta lines!!

Now just to get some fabric for the binding,
I don't seem to have anything in my stash
that is "just right"

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

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quasiquilter said...

Great quilting! Love the pattern on this one too!

Sarah Elliott said...

Oh darn. You have to shop for fabric. What a bummer. ;-) Seriously though, I love that quilt! Great job!


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