Sunday, October 13, 2013

Welcome to the Dark Side

the 2013 crop is officially all in the bins!!!

Harvest is complete!!!

I love harvest, almost my favorite time of year!

It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada
My parents have been here for a visit,
always nice to have them here!

Hubby went hunting,
he got drawn to hunt Moose this year
so him and the Big Dude have gone off hunting for the day
...which means...

I get a day to do what ever I want

Sleep In

or any other thing I want

I picked out this pile of fabric, 
purpose in mind

I like to watch tv shows or listen to music while I sew
today is was Kelly Clarkson

this song came on just as I was finishing up the quilt top
Perfect timing
I am big believer of things happening for a reason

Here is Dark Side

Happy Sunday
Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks for stopping by


Dawn said...

Congrats to all the crops being put up. Corn and soy beans are still in the fields around me. I am always at how fast you piece a quilt. I wish I could find the time to cut one out.

Caroline said...

My Hubby just finished harvesting all of his crops too so maybe I will get to see him again soon:) LOVE your dark side quilt!


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