Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quilt repair

My grandma used to make quilts
She used all kinds of scrap fabric, mostly old Polyester and Fortrell
those quilts are going to last forever!!

Sadly she also used cheap flannel for the backing

I was asked by my sister a few weeks ago,
to repair a grandma quilt, that had seen the inside of a washing
machine, one too many times

Once I got it taken apart, and got a good look at the quilt,
I decided the best way to repair it, would be to do it the same
as grandma had made it. 

Sewn right sides together, 
and then flipped outside in
and tied

I am very happy to be carrying on my grandmas quilting 

I did get a good laugh at her pattern
small squares, larger squares
and rectangles even

I have given my sister many more years with her quilt

Happy Sunday
Stay Warm
Merry Christmas

1 comment:

Diana and Rosie said...

I love that you are going to be a great custodian of quilts and repair a quilt that your Grandma made.


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