Monday, May 19, 2014

A Quilt for ME (34)

I know many of us quilters
love to gift our quilts, love the joy of making others happy
But how many of us make a quilt for ourselves??

I picked up this bundle of goodness from The Quilt Patch
same place I got the purple and brown bundle and the Hopscotch pattern I used for Katies quilt

I like the pattern, and it was super easy and quick to make
but I decided I wanted my quilt a little bigger
So I did the math and figured out how many more fat quarters would be needs for a 
6 x 7 block pattern, then decided for a few pops of colour

(thanks again for holding up my quilt dad)

I love a scrappy binding!!!

this quilt front in entirely made of flannel, and I used a deep red Fireside fleece for the back,
this baby is warm!!

I have already had to keep my eye on it,
mom tired to sneak it home with her, and my youngest son
keeps telling me it might end up in his room

At the beginning of the year I had a few quilting goals
I wanted to make a Triangle Quilt
I wanted to actually make a few quilts from the books I had collected
and I wanted to try my hand at Free Motion quilting

This was the first time I had done a whole quilt
just a nice easy big meandering

I am very happy with what I have accomplished so far this year!!

I can't wait to try napping with this one

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Monday

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