Thursday, July 17, 2014



Wow, I see it has been a while since I have posted!!

Life on a farm, May is seeding, June is spraying, and this year it was also my Dolly's high school graduation, which meant extra time being spent getting the flowers and yard looking good! 

And already we are passed the middle of July, I have just returned home from a trip to California!! My dolly won a scholarship to dance in Disneyland!! So her and I ventured off on our first far away trip. 

Anyway that is all other stories, for other times!

I wanted to share a few mini quilts I finished a while back! 

This is Blossom mini, pattern by Fig Tree and Co, so cute and fun to put together, fabric used is Tapestry also by Fig Tree and Co. I have a full sized Blossom quilt in progress as well.

I also made a Spools Mini, pattern by Camille Roskellys Thimbleblossoms, fabric is Vintage Modern also by Camille 

This pattern is Adorn, and can be found in Camille's book Simply Retro.  I played along with a mini quilt along on Instagram when I made this one. Fabric is Honeysweet, by Fig Tree and Co

Some day when I have a craft room these little minis will decorate my walls!!

I have a few other projects on the go as well! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Thursday

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Christine S said...

These are great mini's, so pretty!


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