Friday, August 15, 2014

New Digs

When we built our house a few years back
5 bedrooms seems like more than enough...

I never planned a craft/Sewing room into the mix
after all the kids would all leave one day and 5 bedroom would be more than 
2 people would need!

So my scrapbooking and card making stuff have been down in the storage room,
which seemed like a good place to set up shop, until I decided I couldn't create in a windowless room away from the rest of the family, it did have it advantages though, 3 flight of stairs up and down, made it a good workout!!

My sewing area took over my spare room, which too worked, until we were getting company and then I had to clean everything up and put everything away.

Well our oldest child graduated last spring, and has moved out.
On about her second trip home after moving she said, "mom, please take my room, I'll even help you move your stuff in there, like right now today"

Well she didn't have to tell me twice!!
Behind my sewing table, an IKEA shelf to hold my paper and books.
My ink pad storage on top, and I am topping with the idea of making the top into some kind of ironing counter

The right side of the room, Sewing table, a vintage metal and arbourite table, 
my design wall and I did leave her bed in the so she can still sleep in there if she wants, or it make a nice place to take quilt pictures

the right side of the room, sorry for the bad picture.
My counters, for paper crafting and fabric cutting, as well as a I now have a tv in my room!!

at the Entrance to the room,
This beautiful antique shelf, I am thinking it used to be a radio, but had been made into shelves, I have another one of these up in our living room.
I have a few goodies on the shelves, that either I have made or have been given too me

The best part is what sit on top of the shelf,
my children found this in one of the old buildings on our farm, it belonged to my hubbys grandma
The fancy detailing on this machine is amazing

The whole shelf

I would like to paint, maybe that will happen later,
hubby said maybe we could even put the bed into a murphy bed, you know, one of those ones that fold up out of the way

So far since moving in, I have already made more cards than I did last year, 
and I have finished up a few little sewing projects

Happy Friday
Thanks for stopping by

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