Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Work In Progress 1.14.15

Granny Square Quilt

This week's WIP is brought to you by all the great quilty inspiration on Instagram!!

I am making a Granny Square quilt
using the Daysail fabric from Bonnie and Camille

I have no idea how big it will be,
I am not following a pattern or anything
just making blocks until I feel I have enough
or run out of fabric ;)

such a great mix of great colours!!

12 blocks down!!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Wednesday

Sew Conni


Maryse said...

Very pretty! I am making a Granny Square as well! said...

I'm really drawn to Granny Squares....just haven't gotten up the courage to start making a project out of them yet! And your project plan is much like mine often are....figure it out as I go, then wonder what to do when I end up with a project much smaller than I thought because I've run out of fabric....or wonder what to do with all the extra! :)


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